Ultrasound imagining can be used to lift the skin and promote collagen production. The FDA approved Ultherapy targets deeper skin tissue with an in-invasive focused energy.

Ultrasound skin tightening device reaches 5 mm deep under the skin, penetrating into the second layer of muscles under the facial muscles. Lasers don’t go that deep. Going deep is very important as it’s where the new collogen produces.

The dermis layer of the skin contains most of the skin’s specialized cells and structures. It synthesizes less collagen each year after about age 20. For women, estrogen levels decrease after menopause. This leaves the skin drier, thinner, and not as taut as before.

Once the dermis begins producing the new collagen, sagging facial and neck skin lifts and starts to look younger and tighter. Ultherapy is a good alternative for those who cannot or do not want a face-lift or who at least want to put off surgery for a few years.

People with mild to moderate facial and neck skin laxity make good candidates for ultrasound therapy treatments. Even younger people (i.e., under age 30) can use the procedure as a preventive measure.


Ultrasound therapy is included in our 50 and 90 min Hydra Organic Facial.


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