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What is Body Sculpting

An innovative technology that uses electromagnetic energy to create muscles contractions stimulating fat burning and muscles building process.

Body Sculpting is harmless for human's body while strengthening the muscles in very short amount of time. 30 minutes Body Sculpting treatment on abs equals 20,000 push ups.

How many sessions is required

to see the results?

Minimum of 6 sessions is required.

Some cases need even more sessions. The frequency of each session in once per week.

Consultation is required for the best answer.

Body Sculpting can be used on:

  • abs

  • thighs

  • calves

  • inner thighs

  • hamstrings

  • arms

  • back

Body Sculpting cannot be performed on:

  • Pregnant and breast feeders or plan to be pregnant

  • Open wounds and lesions

  • Who had recent surgery

  • People with pacemaker

  • People who have metal implants in their body

  • People with uncontrolled high blood pressure

  • Kids below 19 years old

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