Let’s talk about hair removal! Women and men alike have unwanted hair in areas that are unsightly or uncomfortable. Unwanted hair is an issue whether you shave, wax or sugar it away; it comes back! The time and money spent on maintenance to be hair free adds up.

Now there is a solution for unwanted hair that is permanent. The Ice Diode laser hair removal system will guarantee results over 6 sessions depending on the area and hair type. At My Beauty Secrets we offer the latest technology in pain-free hair removal at the most affordable prices. Currently MBS is offering 50% off a single session of laser hair removal and 40% of regular priced packages of 3 or more sessions. Six sessions is recommended to be totally hair free though some types of hair may require more.

As the weather improves, shorts, skirts, sleeveless tops and swimwear will be the daily attire. Lose that unwanted hair today and present a hair free summer body! Call 250-882-3557 today to receive a free consultation in person or over the phone. My Beauty Secrets is here to help you to create the best self image and get you feeling comfortable and confident. We have technicians ready to provide discreet treatments for both men and women. Visit mybeautysecrets.ca for more information on our full spectrum of body image treatments.