Spa Philosophy

Haniye and her dedicated team of spa specialists are here to promote your natural beauty from within. Haniye is passionate about providing her clients with a sustainable approach to maintaining their beauty goals. 

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Owner of My Beauty Secrets VIP Medical Spas 

Founder Of  MBS Advanced Aesthetic Academy

Certified Body Sculpting Operator

Certified Skin Specialist

Certified Medical Aesthetic Educator

 BS in Electrical Engineering

CEO Of MBS Marketing Agency



Certified Skin Specialist

Certified Laser Technician

Certified Body Sculpting Technician

Bachelor in Physical Education




Spa Coordinator

Certified Body Sculpting Technician

Certified Skin Specialist

Certified Laser Technician

Infrared Sauna Technician




Kari at My Beauty Secrets


licensed doctor of chiropractic

Kari (pronounced Car-ee) comes to My Beauty Secrets with a breadth and depth of life experience and professional expertise. She is a licensed doctor of chiropractic specializing in women’s health in areas of family planning, navigating autoimmune diagnosis, and peri-menopause transitions. Her practice evolved into coaching clients to discover root causes of illness and feelings of hopelessness around their ever-changing health. She’s been a clinician for over 2 decades and has a passion for holistic healing and longevity sciences.

The fusion of science, spirituality, and our human experience has become a path for revolutionizing women’s vitality – not just a separate discipline of health care. Connecting to who we are at our most profound level shifts the paradigm from what is wrong with me to why the paradigm was inaccurate to begin with. Coaching, as it is generally termed, begins with a  conversation – It’s a joy to be in the presence fully and deeply with another human being. Allowing space for an internal shift can feel like it collapses time; the process is designed with ease, it enlivens the soul, and clients emerge with a fresh view and a lightness to their lives. 



Customer service representative





Rohail Shahid

Digital Marketing Specialist





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