The beauty tools such as scissors, tweezers, clippers which are in contact with clients skin may cause cross contamination if do not sterilize thoroughly.

There are 5 crucial steps must be done to sterilize, sanitize and disinfect the tools (specifically Eyelash Extension and Microblading Tools)  prior to each client.

Step 1. Wash the tools properly

This is important to ensure there is no body fluid or blood on the tools.

Step 2. Soak them in the disinfectant solution for 15 minutes.

This liquid is Disinfectant, Germicide, Fungicide, Viruscide.

Mix one tablespoon of the disinfectant liquid to one quarter of water to make the solution.

Step 3. Rinse tactfully to ensure there is no excess disinfectant solution on the tools.

This liquid may cause irritation if be in contact with the skin and eyes.

Step 4. Dry them with a clean towel.

Step 5. Put in the UV Light machine for 30 minutes.

Now your tools are prepared to be used for the next client.

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