What is body contouring?  How can one achieve desired results without constantly becoming a slave to the gym or workout routine.  The truth is that having a balance of diet and exercise isn’t always achievable with all the constraints of work and family responsibilities.  A single person may have more disposable time for a regular fitness program but the average person must have discipline, determination and commitment.  As the body metabolism begins to decrease, the ability to use calories affectively is reduced.  This usually happens when our commitment to work and family increases.  Soon, the beginning of excess fat cells accumulate.  Women are especially at risk during pregnancy when fat cells are increased.

My Beauty Secrets has body sculpting treatments to help our clients dramatically reduce fat cells and contour areas of the body to achieve body image goals.  The latest device in our line of Body Sculpting tools is our 5 D Stereoscopic Fat Busting machine.  This device has 5 modalities that use radio frequency, ultrasound, heat, cavitation and vibration to blast adipose tissue.  These 5 technologies quickly dissolves fat cells and accelerates elimination through the lymphatic system and kidney.   The Bio heat probe promotes blood circulation and lymphatic detoxification as well as relieving muscle and joint pain.  These latest technologies provide proven results that our clients are thrilled to see.  My Beauty Secrets is determined to create treatments that help our clients achieve their body image goals, while offering these services at affordable prices.

The technicians at MBS are ready to help you take your health and beauty to the next level.  Call us at 250 882 3557 or book online today!  We are here to serve you!