Quantum 3D facial on sale for $175 (reg $320)
Quantum 3D facial treats your scars, acne, pigmentations, wrinkles.
Quantum 3D Facial uses
⚜️Nano Collagen Induction Therapy
⚜️Nano Microneedle therapy System
⚜️Photon Dynamic Therapy
⚜️Quantum LED light Therapy
⚜️Micron Hydrogen Hydration mist
⚜️Thermal Cellular Circulation
With an ORGANIC cocktail of
🍹 Serums
🍹Hyaluronic and amino acids
To boost skin sell acceleration.
When technology meets beauty💯💯
Our educated skin specialist brought all her experience and knowledge into 1.5 facial treatments to help you achieve the most youthful, radiant, hydrated skin.
Take advantage of our Reopening Promotion and experience this outstanding service for only $175.
To reserve your spot please call at 250.882.3557, DM, leave a comment or simply book your appointment online.
We can’t wait to see you’re walking out of our spa supper satisfied with the result🤩

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