Reduces stress and anxiety:

Deep tissue massage stimulates the release of the hormone oxytocin and reduces the levels of cortisol (stress hormone). This results in lowering of stress levels and improves mood. 

Control of blood pressure:

Deep tissue massage can be used as an adjunct therapy in dealing with patients with high blood pressure. Its effects on the blood vessels and stimulation of the release of hormones have been shown by investigative studies to reduce the heart rate and help in dealing with hypertensive patients.

Eases pain in neck, shoulders and lower back:

The unique ability of to reach deep muscles makes it ideal for body parts with chunks of muscles and connective tissues, it stretches out the tissues and causes relief from pain.

Increases joint mobility and corrects stiffness:

The ability of this massage to stretch out connective tissues and muscles helps to ease movements at the joints correct stiffness around muscle groups that may have form knots.

Breaks up scars tissues and adhesions:

After a surgery, there could be formation of scar tissues around which toxins may adhere forming a painful patch or mass. Deep tissue massage can break up these tissues and realign healthy tissue fibres and reduce the pain

Helps in managing arthritis pain and symptoms:

Arthritis is often associated with lots of pain, the pain relieving ability of deep tissue massage is therefore of great use as a part of remedies and treatment.


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