There is the temptation to want to enjoy the stress relieving, pain smothering benefits of deep tissue massage on an almost daily basis. However the intense nature of this kind of massage can result in adverse effects rather than the soothing feeling you will expect. The recipient would have to consult with the therapist who will help determine the frequency of the massage sessions often based on the level of physical activity of the recipient and the kinds of techniques the therapist thinks best for each unique recipient. Two major groups of recipients exist.

  1. The average person: this refers to persons with normal everyday activity who may want this massage for relaxation. It is best for this group of recipients to get a massage on a monthly basis, however, in a consistent manner to enjoy maximum benefits without fear of over use of the body care routine.
  2. Sportsmen and people who engage in strenuous activities: the amount stress the muscles and joints suffer during the range of activities this group get involved in may require more frequent massage sessions. This may vary from a once in two weeks program to a weekly one as may be determined by the therapist.

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