Get the Education You Need to Become a Professional Eyelash Technician

Getting lash done is one of the things to the top of the bucket list of many people, and it’s getting so amazing in this field that there are now more customers than we could handle. With the amount of crowd pouring in, to get that terrific makeover, we need more hands-on deck. If you have been looking for an opportunity to join the lash family, then this is your opportunity.

At BeautyApp Academy, we have that you need to get from that level of not knowing anything about eyelash extension to going pro. Our online courses are built to get you right from the classroom and straight into the market. 


Straight from Class to The Market

If you are reading this advert and you don’t have any kind of knowledge about lash extensions, or you do but are yet certified, then there is no need to despair. We have a program that helps to educate and certify people who are willing to become professionals in the lash industry. Our program is so amazing that we not only help you learn how to become an eyelash extension professional. We also teach you how to apply that skill in the real world.

Don’t close this page without signing up for our classes. The fact is that our semi-lash course fills up really fast, and we wouldn’t want you to miss this opportunity to learn from the best of instructors. So, if you are passionate about eyelash extension and hope to build a career out of it, then we want you to join us on this exciting journey to greatness. Just take that first step by registering, be available to learn, and we would take care of the rest.

We are dying to meet you, so join us at our fun classes in Vancouver and Victoria as we kick off a new training session.

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