For the past six years, I have been building the skills and mastery necessary to be called an eyelash extension professional. It all started with a 2-day workshop and then countless tutorials before getting my spot in a hair salon that I rented. Through those times, I have managed to build my clientele from zero to being fully booked nowadays. But the truth is all this wasn’t done by been relaxed and kicking up my feet, and they had to be hard work and a lot of toiling. And I was able to endure some of these hard moments because I had fallen in love with eyelash extensions and cant think about not doing it.
Having done so much work to know a lot about eyelash extension, I decided that it would be great to help others learn. And this is because I don’t want anyone to go through the same difficulty that I did. I could remember not having any instructors and being stuck because I had a lot of questions that could be answered. Problems like pattern, the kind of glue to use, and so on were all part of my problems. So, what I’m offering in my course is my sweat and toil of three years. The course is well detailed and helps you to learn all that you need to know from the comfort of your house. There are tutorial videos that would work well on your phone and pictures that have articles under them to cover from basic to complex details about eyelash extension.
The app is multifaceted, and, on another section, you have a platform where you can post your assignment when you finish them. One thing you need to know before you start is that this isn’t one of those come for two days and get a certificate workshop. You would have to earn this certificate with dedication and hard work on our site, and if you are ready to do that, then we have no problem being committed to helping you learn as much as you can. You would have to go through one month of learning to cover the whole outline, and that is also dependent on how much time you put into learning. The steps to follow are that you need to come to class for the first two days, where you would have a practice section. You would then be allowed to take some of it home and get to practice more, and send the picture of your practice through the app. You would be allowed to come the second time, under my watch, to practice again, rectify any mistakes.
After all this practice, you would need to come for your final exam, and you would have to bring your model and work on them. If you are able to start from the beginning and do a satisfactory job successfully, then you would be awarded a certificate. If not, you would have to go back and put more effort, then come back when you are well prepared for the exam.
So I you think you are ready for all the work required to learn the best technique to fix eyelash extension, then sign up now, cause I can wait to work with you.
The eyelash extension training by Haniye is on sale now for only $999. Hurry to sign up before we close the doors into this opportunity.
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