This is going to be one of the most important blogs to write as we spend more than 1/3rd of our day sleeping.  Your sleeping habits are extremely important. Most people have a tendency to sleep on their stomach or side, or cover their eyes with a mask or blanket, unfortunately this will decrease the life of your lash extensions.

Your lashes take the brunt of your tossing, turning and sleep habits causing unruly or wonky lashes to occur.  In turn costing you more money at the lash salon than necessary, due to the care, additional time and products the lash tech needs do to prevent this from happening.

TLC begins at home, in bed. Sleeping on your back is the best advice any professional lash stylist would recommend to have long lasting lash extensions.  I understand this isn’t always easy, I have some wonderful tips that have helped many of my clients have better sleep habits, less unruly wonky lashes and prevent premature lash loss.

  • Placing a bolster under your knees will help prevent you from turning onto your side or back.
  • Silk slip pillowcases are amazing for face and hair beauty, I find sleeping on the edge of the pillow works beautifully for those side sleepers.
  • You can place 2 long body pillows on either side to prevent the body from turning and keep you sleeping on your back.
  • You could purchase an ergonomic lash pillow, they are designed to protect your head, neck, shoulders and lashes.
  • There is also a protective lash sleep mask, these are perfect for side sleepers. They come in an array of designs & colors. They have a dome shaped cavity that doesn’t allow snags or friction on your lash extensions.

To all my lash enthusiasts, sleep on your back, or try these recommended tips to increase the life of your extensions and save you money!  

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Love & Lashes Haniye