Have you ever wondered what you want to be when you grow up? Or perhaps it has come up in one of those class discussions and presentations of yours? Well, we all have been there, and for me, I could remember vividly the answer I gave when the question was put to me by my teacher. My response that day was that I wanted to become a teacher. You see, the reason for picking that line of profession was that I loved to be right at the center of love, and I couldn’t wait to get as much love as my teacher was getting. So, I went for the obvious and most positive option I could see at that time.

When I was 19, I set in the path of actualizing my dream. It began by being a tutor for math and science in a private school, which funnily is where I met my husband. I was teaching students who could be called geniuses and was preparing them to take exams that would get them into ‘genius’ schools. I was able to do this because I had scores in the range of A in Maths and Physics in high school., and also because of those scores, my parents decided the best thing was for me to study engineering.

It took me two years to get into engineering school, and if you are wondering why – it’s due to the difficulty of passing entry examinations for schools in my country. At last, I got into college and started studying to get an electrical engineering degree, but before this time, I was already going to English college, and I didn’t stop it. It was challenging, handling the English program and engineering, especially when classes and exams collided. And that wasn’t even all. I was still assisting my mom in her shop, and don’t forget the tutorial I took.

Eventually, I graduated from both schools which took 8 years of my life and found myself doing masters in Canada since that is where my husband moved to work on is PhD theses. In the first 2 months That I was working on a laser machine project I realized that I’m not contented with the field of engineering anymore. It was confusing but I had a feeling that I could be better in beauty. And this was where the experience I had gained in my mom’s shop came to play. I had to find a way to fulfill women’s beauty needs and launch a career with it. It wasn’t easy decision, but I started to work as a nail technician in a local spa and explore the fashion world.

Soon after I established my own little business by renting a chair at a hair salon in downtown area. I added eyelash extension to the list of skills I had and started something small, within a few months, my clientele had grown, and referrals were coming in like crazy. I was doing well. So, I decided to expand my knowledge by learning semi-permanent makeup. I traveled to Iran, Turkey, Serbia and London to learn the highest trends in beauty from very reputable schools in the world. And, I was thrilled anytime I see my clients happy and satisfied with the way they look. and their face lights up and they look more confident. I love to be evolving and learning new and better ways to beautify people and help them find empowerment in themselves.

And I didn’t forget about my answer in the class that day, as the goal from the very beginning has been to help other people also learn how to be good at what I do. So, yes, I’m now a teacher, and I teach about eyelashes and eyebrows.

I even took it a step further by developing an mobile app with the help of my fellow engineers that brings the whole academy and training straight to your house. I have been developing techniques and refining them since 2015 to help my student learn all about eyelash extensions  and brow semi-permanent makeup.

With all said and done, teaching is my passion, Beauty is my field of joy. And I love teaching about Beauty and couldn’t be happier of changing my path.

Thank you for listening to my story.

At the end. Hi, My name is Haniye.