Hydra Organic Facial


Hydra Organic Facial is a quantum leap in non-invasive advanced aesthetics by combining 3 Dimensional effects to replenish, repair and rejuvenate in 50 or 90 minutes.  We are proud to pioneer this futuristic treatment by smartly incorporating 2021 Hydra H2O2 machine.

Facial includes:

  • Deep cleansing using organic gentle goat milk facial cleanser to remove all oil and dirt making the skin ready for Hydra AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) suction
  • Part 2 of cleansing uses Microderm abrasion pen accompanying the most effective exfoliant water soluble liquid that gently exfoliates your skin leaving your complexion smooth, clear and bright.
  • Our popular pumpkin mask will nourish and refresh skin with nutrient and antioxidant rich pumpkin in this activating mask. A customer favorite.
  • RF, ultrasound and cold gun technology will be used to infuse our organic DMAE gel for the purpose of stimulating collagen production, lifting and firming dermis, and shrinking large pores.

  • specialized neck, shoulder, face and scalp massage to promote blood circulation and lifting effect.
  • Ozone steam, hot towel is our clients favourite.


90 minutes facial includes 30 min light and nano mist therapy.




EFFECTS: intensive skin hydration and restoration, skin brightening, complexion improvement, acne healing, pigmentation lightening, face lifting, wrinkle reduction, rebuild skin elasticity, normalize oily, dry dull, sensitive skin. 




*Not suitable anyone with open unhealed skin or pregnant.  If you have health issues, please call us to set up a complimentary professional skin consultation first.