What motivates you to reach your fitness goals? Do you want a more positive self image? Is there an event coming up like a wedding or reunion? Perhaps you just want to have more energy to play with your kids.

Some people are looking for increased longevity and vitality as they age. Others are concerned about heart disease or diabetes. The first step in deciding to get in shape is to have a good reason! THE BIG WHY? Once youf have established the #1 motivator for getting in shape, the rest will follow. If you are someone who has adopted fitness as a lifestyle, getting in shape is part of your daily or weekly routine. But, for most people, finding time in our busy schedule for fitness isn’t easy.

My Beauty Secrets is here to help! If you have been out of a fitness routine for years or even decades, getting back in shape may seem like a daunting task. At, MBS, we have advanced technology in our line up of Body Sculpting equipment. Our fat freezing, vacuum massage and EM sculpting devices are ready to kick start your fitness program. A combination of body sculpting treatments, proper nutrition and regular workouts CAN help achieve your goals.

Our skilled technicians are available to provide a consultation and treatment plan for you! We will guide you in your pursuit of a trim, toned body and healthy lifestyle. Don’t delay, summer is the season to feel free of unwanted weight. Our staff is waiting for your call 250 590 5054 (Wharf St. location) or 250 882 3557.