After preparing all the 20 essential tools required for microblading, you must Wash hands with soap and dry then use hand sanitizer before putting on gloves. It is very important to make sure your hands are clean and disinfected properly.

Next step is covering client’s hair with a hair net then cleanse the brow area including forehead with cotton swabs and non
oily makeup remover to ensure there is no excess makeup. Take more and more cotton swabs to see no makeup stuff on.

Now the brow area is free of any makeup residue.To avoid any unpredictable reaction between pigment and makeup remover ingredients. To avoid any complication, take another clean swab and cleanse again with water.

The brow area needs to be disinfected to eliminate any chance of sensitivity or infection. For this reason use an alcohol swab to sanitize the brow and forehead area.  It is important to keep this area free from residue of makeup remover and any oil.

By finishing these simple steps you will have a clean, disinfected and free of oil surface to work on. Now the client’s brow area is perfectly ready to create a unique shape.

If you follow all the required steps carefully, you will get the best result of your microblading work.

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