Or, endearingly called wonky lashes in the industry. Natural lashes are not usually perfect, but when they are noticeably pointing in all directions they are most difficult to work on. This is why it is so important to make sure you are going to a qualified eyelash extension specialist. An experienced, trained and practiced technician shouldn’t have a problem working with your wonky natural lashes.First you need to understand that your treatment is going to take longer than your typical lash application. So relax and let the magic begin. This is where isolation, separation and placement are key to how your lash extensions will behave. Time is of the essence, I cannot rush this process or you will have lashes bonding together. This is quite frustrating for lash techs who have not worked with unruly lashes enough.

Unfortunately the duration of lash extensions to wonky lashes is not as long as typical eyelashes that we work on. The reason being to correct the direction of these unruly lashes I apply extensions on the cross way of your natural lashes. By doing this the bonding area between your extensions and your natural lashes is very tiny which doesn’t last long. If you are experiencing this please read my blog on “Lash Friendly Sleeping Habits.” This will help you to understand how important it is to treat your lashes with gentle care especially when sleeping. Working on lashes such as these are time consuming, require additional product than regular lashes and of course will cost you more. Sleeping correctly will save you time and money and it is all explained in my blog.

Your lashes grow in cycles, so placing the lash extensions on correctly to the right ones is critical. Lashes are baby hairs with the same structure but difference in appearance with limited growth. They fall off and grow up to follow their life cycle. At each refill appointment you would have lots of new baby lashes that I will be able to add lashes to, to fill in the gaps of the lashes you lost during the growth cycle. To prevent cross over lashes it is best to have refills every 2 weeks. Another important point is going to be how much TLC you give your lashes. Aftercare is so important!! Read my blog on aftercare.

If you have a passion for the industry I love, I will be training soon and would love the opportunity to work with you. I have perfected my techniques over the years to create beautiful looks for even the wonkiest of lashes. 😉

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