double chin fat freezing

equipped in all Advanced body sculpting treatments

Proven result in over a decade!

Fat cells won’t survive in lower temperature and die. Dead fat cells will flush out of your body within 3 to 8 weeks and that’s when you see the fat reduction result.


What do you experience during the treatment?

It’s a 1 hour appointment starting with consultation, preparation and handle application. You’ll feel an intense suction accompanying with a freezing cold temperature. The first 20 minutes is uncomfortable before the area gets numb. 


Downtime: Minimum to no downtime. Some bruises are possible. 






1 session double chin fat removal $400 now $199

Fat freezing for other parts of body is priced per handle used.

$400/handle now $199 

Limited time offer!


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My experience at My Beauty Secrets is top notch. Neat facility. The view is spectacle. Very relaxing environment. Highly recommend. Fianna did amazing job with my facial and laser hair removal I have. I’m so happy thank you guys I will be back.”  Atiyeh Zaer

The Hydra Facial was incredible, one of the most relaxing and unique treatments I’ve ever received. I loved all the sensations from hot to cool, mist, steam, masks, everything smelt amazing! I will absolutely be going back again and can’t recommend this space enough! Thank you ladies 🙂.”  Allie Claire

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