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We understand that every individual has a certain image of their own body shape and look.  That is why we have designed 4 main programs implementing the latest technology to help you achieve your goal faster. You’re not alone anymore!  We can walk you through the process. All we need from you is commitment and discipline. We welcome you to join the club of hundreds of successful clients if you are ready to be all in.

  1. Program 1 >>> Help Me
  2. Program 2 >>> Want My Old Body Back
  3. Program 3 >>> Could Have Been Better
  4. Program 4 >>> Goodbye fat, Hello muscles
Abs Program 1 (help me)

This program has been designed for individuals who have a hard time losing weight and getting back in shape.

Fat thickness: 40-50mm

Program Length: 6 months

Fat Freezing: 6 sessions every 4 weeks (5-6 Handles) 

ElectroMsculpting: Minimum of 24 sessions every week

Infrared Sauna Wrap:  15 sessions after ELsculpting

Vacuum massage: 15 session

Home workout: Abs 30 min every day, Cardio 45 min every day

Diet: Low carbs, low fat, low sugar

Cost: $9500 (finances are available)

program value: $25000+



Abs Program 2 (want my old body back)

This program designed for individuals who have a hard time losing that last few pounds and struggling to get rid of stubborn fat. 

Fat thickness: 30-40mm

Program Length: 4 months

Fat Freezing: Minimum of 4 sessions every 4 weeks (4 handles)

ElectroMsculpting: minimum of 16 sessions every week

Infrared Sauna: 10 sessions after ELsculpting

Vacuum massage: 10 sessions

Home workout: abs 30 min every day, cardio 30 min every day

 Diet: Low carbs, low fat, low sugar

Cost: $7500 (finances are available)

Program Value: $15000+


abs Program 3 (always could be better)

This program designed for individuals who gained some weight and wish to loose fat cells and build muscle.

Fat thickness: 20-30mm

Program Length: 2 months

Fat Freezing: Minimum of 3 session (4 handles)

Electrosculpting: minimum of 12 sessions every week

Infrared sauna wrap: 8 sessions

Vacuum massage: 8 sessions

Home workout: abs 30 min every day 

 Diet: Low carbs, low fat, low sugar

Cost: $5900

Program Value: $12000+



Program 4 (goodbye fat, hello muscles)

This program designed for individuals who  are looking for optimum muscle tone.  

Fat thickness: 15-20

Program Length: 6 weeks

Fat freezing: 2 sessions every 4 weeks(2 handles)

Electrosculpting: minimum of 6 sessions every week

Sauna wrap: 5 sessions

Vacuum massage: 5 sessions

Home workout: 30 min abs every day

Cost: $3000

Program Value: $7000+



individual services and Equipments

Fat Freezing

Decades of science and development is behind the fat freezing technology.  Lipolysis is the natural process by which fat is broken down in our bodies through enzymes and water.  Fat freezing is a non-surgical procedure that reduces fat cells by damaging them with cold temperature.  Studies have shown an average fat reduction of between 15-25 percent at 2-4 months following the initial treatment.  

$800 per Handle

Package of 2 $1400

Package of 4 $2400

Package of 6 $3000

Package of 10 $4000

Package of 20 $6000

15% discounts for members 

Become a member by signing up for at least one body-sculpting program.

Electro Sculpting


Electro body sculpting uses electromagnetic waves to break down fat cells, straighten muscles and tighten the skin. The technology works  like a heavy workout in a 30 min treatment.  A 12-19 percent fat reduction and muscle volume has been reported by customer feedback. This non-invasive body contouring is safe and FDA approved.

$700 1 session

Package of 6 $3000

Package of 12 $5000

Package of 25 $6000 

15% discounts for members 

Sauna Wrap


30 min Sauna wrap equals 1 hour cardio. The combination of infrared heat and weight loss wrap technique brings the optimum sweating.


30 min $75

Vacuum Massage


Deep massage with a vacuum system.  A non-invasive procedure to treat localized fat pockets and shape the body.  Motorized rollers will vacuum the cellulite and fatty tissue while the infrared technology is heating and smoothing the cells.  Visible results after only a few sessions.  A 1-3 inch size reduction is what our clients love the most.

PO5 means Package Off 5 Sessions

Abs 20 min $170 | PO5 $445 >> $89 each

Legs 30 min $200 | PO5 $495 >> $99 each

Butts 15 min $150 | PO5 $395 >> $79 each

Back 25 min $190 | PO5  $475 >> $95 each

Legs and butt combo | $250 now $140 >> PO5 $645

Full Body Abs, Legs, Butts, Back 1 hour $450 | PO5 $1445 >> $289 each

Treatable areas

Abdomen | Flanks | Back | Inner Thighs | Arms | Butt | Double Chin


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