My story might sound weird but the whole world is weird in my opinion.


Hello. My name is Haniye the founder of My Beauty Secrets empire. I will briefly tell my story as i know everyone is busy.

Of course i am an engineer like all other Iranians that you might have seen in your life. Being educated adds tremendous value to you in Persian culture. Good or bad, I studied electrical engineering at Shariati university and graduated with A+ scores in my diploma. My parents, friends, teachers believed that engineering is the best future for me. Wrong or right? 


I personally wanted to go to the art school but.. 

I started working at my mother’s fashion house as a marketer, designer and stylist when I was 19. And that’s where I got connected to so many salon owners to collaborate and share business together. Beauty and fashion in middle eastern countries are far different from my experience in the north America but here we are getting there slowly.


I have always been obsessed with how my stomach look like. I was taking the effort of walking a long distance going to high school by walk and squeeze my belly in to keep it flat. Soon after at my early twenties when I was only 52k I put myself into Liposuction procedure. I wasn’t stupid. I was looking at all those perfect girls at the beauty salons and I wanted to look the same.  Long story short, I end up being in too much pain, uneven bumpy stomach, 5 big holes in my mid section and a very low confidence to show my body to anyone. So now, I started to seek for treatment to solve the issues.


Here at my clinic I have all the equipments to help myself to stay in shape NON-INVASIVELY and healthy. I love to help people as much as I can before they go for the high risk procedures like tummy tuck or lipo. I passionately do what I do and you’ll feel it in the air at my clinic. 


Skincare and laser hair removal is my other obsessions. Helping people to have clear, glowy and healthy looking skin is so rewarding. 


I took courses after courses, practiced for hours and months and years, and researched days and nights to bring in the most innovative and effective treatments first for myself then YOU.


Where there’s passion there’s success. I truly believe in this. Now after years being and thriving in Beauty and fashion industry I have lots to share with others. To help other people to offer same treatments I am offering. I want to give. The more I give the more I receive and I love this law. 


My Advanced Medical Aesthetic Academy is packed with knowledge and expertise of my whole team. I made everything available for everyone who want to build her dream life. From learning and building a successful business, all you need, is there.


Come to my world it’s wonderful here.


I can’t wait to meet YOU. In the clinic or in the classes.


With love,