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Mesotherapy is a basic and non-surgical medical procedure where supplementary solutions and medications are infused into the hypoderm, the innermost layer of skin on your scalp using microneedles.

Team at My Beauty Secrets designed an effective hair loss solution for you to not only prevent and stop losing hair but also stimulate hair growth. We encourage you to sign up for our full hair growth program to achieve the best result ever.

The program includes:

  • 4 scalp massage treatments ($99 each)
  • 4 meso-needling with hair superfood cocktail serum ($299 each)

Package cost: $960


Hair Clinic at My Beauty Secrets

 Scalp nourishing treatment

Scalp nourishing treatment


Optimum hydration and conditioning of the scalp to help with blood circulation and stimulate hair growth. The treatment takes 45 minutes every 2 weeks in between of your meso treatments to condition and nourish your scalp. The treatment includes:

  • scalp massage
  • scalp essential oil cocktail
  • hair growth serum
  • warm ozone steam
  • hot towel
  • hair mask


Hair meso needling

Hair meso needling


Infusing hair growth superfood serum to strenghtening the existing hair and promoting new hair growth. Minimum of 4 sessions is required in order to see the best result. The proven treatment will make a massive change into your hair look. The treatment includes:

  • cleansing
  • numbing
  • meso needling with hair growth superfood serum
  • light therapy


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