Pregnancy should be a joyful experience but it is often less than blissful for many reasons. Once baby is born there are so many expectations and responsibilities for the new mom, finding time to take care of her body postpartum can be difficult. The body goes through a transformation while growing baby in the womb. The body is flooded with hormones that the placenta needs to sustain baby for 10 months. This hormone rush can cause a number of affects including mild to severe illness.

The abdomen begins to grow as baby develops. Weight gain is essential for a healthy baby and women should not be restricting calories though eating whole foods is recommended. Mild exercise and activity is also healthy for mom and baby. Following the birth doctors recommend a 6-12 week period before resuming regular strenuous exercise. This is due to several factors. The body needs to return to pre pregnancy hormone, blood and water levels. If breastfeeding, the body requires an increased caloric intake (1500-2000) calories per day in order to heal and produce quality milk. Nursing the baby will quickly help a woman return to pre-pregnancy weight.

The abdominal muscles will require specific exercise to tighten and restore the abdomens rectus. A condition called Diastasis Recti is likely to have occurred. This is the separation of the rectus abdominal muscles otherwise known as the “six pack”. Eating multiple times a day will increase the metabolism which will burn calories more efficiently. Eating whole foods like, fruits, vegetables and grains are recommended. Keep portion sizes small and frequent.

The Diastasis condition can be mild to severe and can cause discomfort and deformity. The condition is healed by strengthening of the rectus abdomenus wall. At My Beauty Secrets we can provide all postpartum women with a program to correct the Diastasis separation. Our EM sculpting machine can provide a powerful workout, the equivalent to 20,000 crunches in one 30 minute session. This treatment has been proven by our clients who have achieved real results to correct Diastasis. We recommend at least 6 sessions to adequately restore the “six pack abs” to pre pregnancy state and stronger. Strong abdominals is the key to a healthy back which will ensure hours of happy playtime with your child.

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