As a beauty technician we’ll spend countless hours looking after our clients. It is extremely important we take care of ourselves first. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hairdresser, makeup artist, eyelash technician or an aesthetician, most of the time we’ll do repetitive movements with poor body posture for hours. 

With so much complexity in our daily work lives, it’s sometimes hard to remember what you need to do to stay on track with your wellness. If you do not have certain mobility in your thoracic spine, you will struggle with discomfort and pain soon.  Especially after spending long hours sitting or standing in a leaning forward position, you may experience tight shoulders, upper and lower back pain, hand, wrist and or neck strain.

As an eyelash specialist I used to suffer from a very bad neck and shoulder tenderness. It was hard to sit, walk or even sleep. I was exhausted with the pain and accepted the intolerable soreness as part of my work life. I found out that so many beauty technicians had to quit their job because of their body failure. I didn’t want to lose my job but more importantly my health. I needed a change and I did it.

Here are some great self-care tips that you can implement into your daily routine to ensure your posture and your artistry business are not affected.

  • Stretch and walk between appointments. Most of the time we get distracted by checking our phone or especially social media instead of doing some movement exercises on our breaks. Forget about what is happening out there. Focus on your body health, profession and success while you are in the workplace.
  • Always pay attention to your posture and positioning. Avoid bending your neck or back while sitting. Keep your core tight while standing.  Avoid relaxing your stomach as much as possible. Your body posture will change gradually over time causing lots of unwanted discomforts.
  • Exercise regularly, take a yoga or pilates class on your days off, both improve health, flexibility and build muscle strength. Protect your posture, prevent cartilage and joint breakdown. Protect your spine. Better your bone health. Increase your blood flow. Drain your lymphs and boost immunity. All can be achieved by exercising. 
  • Purchase a good foam roller to release muscle tightness or trigger points. Roll on the foam 10 minutes a day. It will give a reverse curve to the spine to prevent spine curvature disorders. This simple movement delivers magical results. Trust me.
  • Invest in a deep tissue back, neck and shoulder massage monthly. “You’re worth it!” “You will love it!”
  • Soothe your body by soaking in a hot epsom salt bath.  There are numerous health benefits of epsom salt, take stress-relieving baths atleast 3 times a week. It’s relaxing and tension releasing.
  • Open up your chest by door frame stretching exercises which can help reduce tension and pain in your neck, shoulders and back.

Maybe you’ve been meaning to start but just haven’t found the right exercise routine. Once you begin being proactive about your health and wellness, you’ll soon find that your body and mind feel much more relaxed and energized.  A healthy body and mind is essential if you want to lead a truly successful life.

“When you’re loving yourself and putting yourself first, everything in your life benefits.”