Effectiveness and safety are the mantra of the world of cosmetology and skin care as new product and technology emerge to give great results in the fastest period possible and in the safest manner.

The hydrogen facial technology appears to be the very definition of fast, safe and effective with its ability to treat a variety of facial skin problems ranging from hyper pigmentation to skin aging in a onetime session of 50-90 minutes. This technology relies on a novel machine with a vortex system that is used in a multi-stage treatment to cleanse and protect the skin.

Our skin specialist Sheila has been actively adding to her knowledge about all different skincare treatments for about 20 years. She has her signature Hydra Organic Facial on sale for only $99. Take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy a refreshing rejuvenating treatment. Book her online, call 250-882-3557 or simply drop us a message below to schedule the best time for you.

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