The treatment takes about 60-90 minutes per session with no down time.

This means that the effects are instant and the initial results can often last up to a week or more. You however only begin to see signs of dullness after one month. This makes it ideal as a monthly routine to save costs and give the skin enough resting time for the long term effects of the facial to emerge. This also means you can use other skin beauty routines in-between and in combination with the facial. However, some skin issues need more often care. Our experienced skin specialist will prescribe the best ritual customized for your skin type.  You can however get a hydrogen facial just before a major event to make sure your face is at its very best for the occasion.

The treatment is quiet a process to achieve the optimum result. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with us. That’s a promise!

Our skin specialist Sheila has been actively adding to her knowledge about all different skincare treatments for about 20 years. She has her signature Hydra Organic Facial on sale for only $99. Take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy a refreshing rejuvenating treatment. Book her online, call 250-882-3557 or simply drop us a message below to schedule the best time for you.

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