Learning eyelash extension isn’t all that easy, and I went through a lot before I got the knowledge. I would be sharing my experience so that it would encourage you to take a better and more organized step than I did.
For four years, I tried to learn all there is to know so that I could begin a career in the beauty industry. I looked for YouTube videos and logged on to several sites to take tutorial courses that promised to teach me everything. Instagram hashtags, Facebook pages and groups, pictures from google and Pinterest, name it, I followed, desperately looking for something to teach me. I even paid attention to details, and then I started to practice so that I would learn even faster. The limitation to this training, though was that there was no instructor, so I wasn’t getting some details right. Everything was taking too much time, so I opted to go for an onsite training course.
The course was more like a workshop that was going to hold for two days. The first day had everything looking so new. It took time but I eventually got comfortable with my classmate, even though the training still seemed kind of strange. The other participants, which were mostly girls, already had long years of experience, so unlike me, they were not having any trouble picking up what the instructor was saying. But since I was a beginner, it all just sounded like she was speaking Greek.
The class started at ten O’clock that first day and we weren’t done until about six in the evening. Tired and confused, I went to bed that day having learned very little. The next day, I was up by eight and on my way to the class again. This time it started by nine, but something strange happened the next day. We were supposed to pick a model and start practicing on them by nine. It was weird and scary because I hadn’t yet had a full grasp of the entire lecture, and it was already time to start practicing on someone. I was so scared and afraid of doing a lousy job, and the pressure was too much for me to handle, so many of my question was left unanswered. When my model came, there was so much hesitation built into me, and when I finished, the model I worked on wasn’t happy with the result she saw on her face. Everything was just so rushed, and the instructors weren’t ready to assist, it was just like they didn’t care, as long as they got their money. They were busy attending to other student and made the whole thing more like a master class.
After this sour experience, I was still determined to learn. So I took another two-day workshop, and this one was just as bad as the first. The instructor shunned all my question and told me this was a master class, not one for beginners. And again I was left with so many questions. So I stopped attending classes and join a Facebook group, I started to ask questions like;
“Hey experts, please help, what is the best tool that you use for this and that?”
I’ve got a few answers like five or six, and from those six answers, I was able to have an idea of the best tool to use for practice. The next question I asked was
“Expert between this tool and this other one, which do you recommend.”
Again I got some answers, and I knew the tool to use for the practice I was working on. Little by little, I was doing researches, learning from the Facebook group, and practicing. It was time-consuming, but with a creative mind, I learned how to frame my question and get answers. And when I asked, I had to wait for people to come online and answer the question. The whole thing was time-consuming but was at least working.
All this experience got me thinking that when it comes to beginners learning how to do eyelash extension, it’s difficult to know where to start. There is a lot of pressure, and working on a live model for the first time is not an excellent way to start. Everyone learns at a different speed, and there should be a course that would take everyone at their pace and ensure they get it. So I thought it is a good idea to have a course that achieves this:

Student learning both in class and online. So they can practice online, come to class and take some lessons and then ask the instructors what they don’t understand.
Online videos, article, and assignment that would be reviewed.
24/7 accessible platform for asking questions and receiving a fast response.
Practice platforms that allow students to upload pictures and send them to their instructor. The picture would be accessed and considered for acceptance or rejection.
The rejected picture would have some pointers to what students did wrong.
After working on all the assignments given, students would be asked to come to the onsite center to work on live models. No pressure since the instructor would be available at every point of the training. like a one-on-one hands on practicing. Also, the model can be the friend of the student so that she is not offended even of the work is not so good. The practice would make you more perfect as time goes on. And then there would be a final exam that would attract a certificate when you pass it. All this would be done slowly, and you would be painstakingly taken through all the stages of eyelash extension carefully.
Sounds like a optimal course right? This is what we offer at our eyelash extension now. We the help of my flew engineers I have developed a mobile application named “BeautyApp Academy” which will bring the whole beauty school into your house or where ever you feel comfortable to practice. We want to train you at your own pace. So that you understand everything in your own time and get certification without so much stress and going through all that I did. Our course is complete, comprehensive and beginner-friendly, just for you.


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