Getting eyelash extensions can be pretty great, especially since they don’t fall out like regular falsies. They make your eyes look amazing and bring out the sparkling beauty of your eyeball, creating an illusion that they are bigger and sexier. A very good care of your new lash set is so important to increases the longevity.

Today’s question is “Does facials affect the retention of my lashes?”

I should say, Yes! Ladies, taking facials is a killer for your extensions life.  If you are like a lot of other women, then you go to the spa during the weekends or holidays to relieve your face of all that pent-up stress and damage caused by the sun, then make sure to protect your lash extensions from all those oil based products applying on your face. The problem with this however is that this can end up ruining your lashes leaving it all oiled up. Any kind of oil will dissolve the adhesive cause fast lash fall out.

Here is some recommendation! Ask your aesthetician to cover your eyes with a lint free cotton pad to avoid any oil splashing on them. Also it is very helpful if you cleanse your lashes with a lash cleanser if they show signs of oiliness after you have done the facial. This will prevent the oil from staying on the lash and dissolving the glue.

Don’t forget ladies that you aren’t supposed to get a facial right before or after your eyelash extension appointment. Coming to your lash appointment right after facial can ruin your lashes with the process. The oily lash surface doesn’t let the glue cure very well also your lash tech will have such a hard time to work on your oily eyes and lashes which delivers you not a flawless long lasting lash set. On the other hand, Doing facials right after your lash extension treatment will leave your lashes messed up with a poor retention so you need to book an urgent lash touch-up appointment Which will cost you, right? It is better you do it two or three days before the process.

We care about you, your natural lash health and your extension retention. Please read our other blog posts related to lash extension if you are a lash lover like us.

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