Ask any two woman about eyelash extensions and most of the time you will get conflicting stories.  One will say she’s in love with them and totally addicted and the other will say she was completely turned off by her first set.  Let’s face it, not all lash technicians are created equal.There are many factors to consider when deciding to have any beauty techniques performed on you.  Eyelash extensions are no exception. Now a days most salons offer this service but unfortunately many of them have not been trained well, this is why it is so important to make sure you are going to a reputable, educated and trained technician or specialist.  The hours of lash extension training they receive is so precise and detailed by professional and licensed instructors. Not to mention the hours and hours and hours of practice before ever touching a real person. We’ve all heard the horror stories of lashes falling out in clumps or the lashes that were too long pointing and curling in all directions. What about the stories about eyes glued shut. This is truly happening and it’s time we ladies get educated and find out what to look for in this very popular beauty enhancement.There are many great ways to research lash extension technicians.  One of my favorites are recommendations from friends, family or the girl you saw with the beautiful lush lashes at the mall.  Don’t be afraid to ask “Who does your gorgeous lashes?”  Word of mouth is an awesome way to connect with talented beauty technicians.Research websites, read the reviews, look over pictures, read the about us page that usually tells you a lot about the tech and her journey into the beauty industry.  There should be some detailed information about the amount of education and time spent doing the artistry.

Another great way is to ask for a consultation before having your lashes done. Make sure the technician you have chosen is right for you.Here are 10 very important questions you may want to consider asking:

  1. Where did she do her training?
    How long has she been applying lash extensions. It’s not uncommon to find beauty technicians applying lashes without a certificate.  Remember this person is putting adhesive/glue very near to your precious eyes you better be sure they have been trained by an instructor and have enough experience to take clients.
  2. Ask to see pictures of her work.
    You shouldn’t see any bonding/glue, if you do it’s too much.  If the lashes are twisted or facing in the wrong direction they have not been applied correctly. If they look clumpy and stuck together in different areas they weren’t isolated or separated properly.
  3. Was she helpful in explaining and choosing the best lash extensions that would compliment your eye shape? 
    This is so important determining the curl, length and thickness.  The thicker and stronger your natural lashes are the happier they will be to support a thicker/longer lash. I have an extensive collection for you to view to help you decide on your perfect look. Also there is a lash growth cycle that takes place ask about the phases, this will help you understand lash loss.
  4. Did she explain the application process to you?
    She should be able to explain the whole lashing process from preparation to application and the most important aftercare instruction.  She must have appropriate knowledge about the ingredients in the adhesive/glue if you ask for it.  If the tech is unable to tell you what’s in the adhesive you better run! Every trained lash artist knows the ingredients.
  5. Did you find her studio tidy and clean?
    This is so important.  I had a client tell me she was going to a stylist that was working out of her home, where she had her dog (Boxer) laying on top of her while having her lashes done. What??? This is not professional nor safe or sanitary. Be sure that the working environment is clean.
  6. Ask about sanitation and safety procedures. 
    There are practices for sanitation, disinfection and sterilization. The beauty tools such as scissors, tweezers, clippers which are in contact with clients skin may cause cross contamination if they are not  sterilized thoroughly.
  7. Research the product line.
    Mink lashes are the best by far are and the most expensive.  Synthetic fibre and silk are most popular and affordable.  Your choice will most likely depend on thickness, length, color and curl.  It will also depend on whether you are looking for a natural or more glamorous look.  You are worth the best. Make sure you are paying for high quality products and services.
  8. Ask about allergic reaction possibilities. 
    Eyelash adhesive/glue does not generally irritate eyes, allergic reactions are possible what you can expect is itchiness, tenderness, redness and or swelling. If you had the symptoms, you should consider having them removed as soon as possible.  Also allergic reactions can be caused by primers, tapes, cleansers. A patch test can be performed to avoid a potential reaction.
  9. Make sure you have received aftercare advice before leaving the salon.
    If she tells you not to put water on them at all, run!!  Lash after-care is so important as you want to take care of your new investment.  Too many artists will tell their clients not to wet or cleanse their lovely new lashes, and this is totally false.  Take that advice as another warning sign.  The advice you should be getting is to cleanse your lashes often (3 times a week) if not daily if you are applying makeup. Avoid bacteria and residue by keeping your lashes fresh and clean. Also it is very important to stay clear of all oils and oil based products near your lashes.  Don’t forget to brush gently and regularly.
  10. Will my natural eyelashes weaken by getting lash extensions? 
    The answer is no, your natural lashes will maintain their normal strength as long as you don’t pull, prod, or irritate them. Your extensions will grow out with your natural lashes and fall out on their own. Your lash extensions could be compromised if your are pulling, picking or pinching them. Also if you expose them to water too soon shortly after your appointment including crying or sweating in the gym you could lose a few.  The adhesive glue is strong but it’s not crazy glue.

I am an expert in customizing lash looks with precision and skill while achieving great results while keeping your natural lashes healthy.  I’ve had clients come in with severe damage to their natural eyelashes, infections, allergic reactions and many voicing their botched lash extension experiences.  It is my hope that the information in this blog will help ladies to research and find a professional, trained, eye lash extension artist. Visit me at Tango Salon in downtown Victoria, I would love for you to experience me and allow me to create the most glamorous look for you.