Guaranteed Result After Only 1 session

Only Package Of 3 Is Good Enough To achieve Your Best Result According To Our Clients Feedback

Ice Diode Laser Hair removal



Experience pain-free laser hair removal with our brand new Diode laser hair removal machine technology of 2021.




Advantages of our machine

1. Diode laser enable the light to penetrate deeper into skin while it’s a lot safer than other laser types.

2. It can be used for different hair colours on all 6 skin types , including tanned skin.

3. Suitable for all body parts including face, arms, underarm, chest, back, bikini and legs. It’s skin renewing and tightening effect is what we love in our Soprano Ice Laser Machine.

 4. Frequency 1-15hzl power make the hair removal experience totally pain-free.

We are the only place in Victoria offering professional laser hair removal for all body parts for men, including Brazilian

Prices and Packages

Single session | Package Of 3 (receive 30% discount)

  • .Underarms $180  |  $378   
  • Bikini Line $180  |   $378
  • Full Brazilian $290  |  $609
  • Full Face $220  |  $462
  • Upper Lips Or Chin $99  |  $208
  • Full Arm $320  |  $672
  • Half Arm $290  |  $609
  • Full Leg $580  |  $1218
  • Half Leg $380  |  $798
  • Full Chest $320  |  $672
  • Full Neck (front and back) $290  |  $609
  • Full back  $380  |  $798

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the laser hair removal aftercare?

No major aftercare is required as our machine is so gentle with your skin. No waxing on the treated area while you’re on the laser hair removal process. Only shaving as the laser needs your hair follicles to attack them. Apply a topical moisturizer few times after each treatment.

When do I see the result?

Your hair will grow back as normal but they will start to shed after the second week. You need to shave the area and come back for your following session in 4 weeks. The result is visible after only 1 session.

How many sessions is required?

You’ll get an outstanding result after only 3 sessions according to our client’s feedback. But everyone has unique skin tone and hair colour.  You might need extra sessions to achieve your desired result.

Is the treatment painful?

Thanks to advanced technology, our laser machine is pain-free.  Although we provide topical numbing cream for your sensetive area just to ensure there is no pain just gain. 

Is your laser machine suitable for all skin tones?

Our laser machine uses the technology of 2021 designed to treat all skin tones. It’s been proven that lighter skin tone with darker hair will achieve the best result.

Do you laser on tattooed skin?

Laser will detect the dark pigments under your skin which are your hair follicles. The laser technology is not smart enough to distinguish between tattoo pigment and hair pigment. So the answer is No. If you are about to get a new tattoo and thinking about laser hair removal, finish your laser treatments before getting the new pattern.

What does happen if my tattoo get a laser pulse by accident?

No major issue will happen but in rare cases it might cause a minor burn/ irritation. If you feel any burning sensation let our technician know asap. We have a topical Zinc Oxide cream for you to help your skin calm down and heal faster.

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