Well, if you want to have the best job done on your eyelash, and you are around Victoria, then we are the best stop shop for your eyelash extension. I am an expert when it comes to beauty, and eyelash extension is one of my specialty. I care more about your natural lash because they are the most important things when it comes to lash extension. Your extensions would look more beautiful and full of your natural lash are kept healthy. My experience spans over the years, and for years now, I have had clients walk up to my studio with weak and vulnerable lashes, and none of them have left the same way. I developed the cure I do for them, and it gives them full and strings natural lash extension that would stay healthy for years. The product that is used is also specially formulated to make sure that it is unique and works for all individual. And you don’t need to worry even if you have a unique set of lashes. The products I use vary from persons to persons to make sure clients get nothing but the best.

Special care for each client

One example of how each client is specially treated is that some clients have thinner lashes than others. And to take care of this less glue is used because the pores of the more delicate lashes would absorb more glue than those who have thicker lashes. So much glue isn’t needed to attach the lash extension. The adhesive used is medical glue, which is very strong but still healthy enough to give you a firm bind while protecting your eyelashes from getting damaged. With such care, clients come back for more service because the amount of care and attention are given to them is incomparable, and they enjoy the extension for quite a while.

Our mission

Our mission is to value each client while enhancing their beauty and making them feel much more comfortable in their skin. It’s a mission that puts the client first and builds them with more confidence and less effort. 


Every day, I get thank you messages form clients who have walked into my studio and enjoyed the life-transforming experience of getting the best eyelash extension. I had a particular case of a clients who went for a year without her extension, and she decided to take a break due to personal or financial reason. And after a while, she sent a message that her eyelash looks like it did the first day she walked into my studio. And she complained of how much she missed her extension and wanted them back. these messages mean a lot to me, not because they sing praises, but because they are a testament that our mission is realized. We are here to make you happy, and when you are happy, we are also satisfied. 

We aim to see every single client walk into our beauty parlor and have what they have always wanted – beautiful and long lashes. Every client is a challenge to do something better that I last did, so you can be assured that you would get nothing but the absolute best.

Book now

We just don’t put lash on for clients, we know what looks good and you and use a creative mind to customize the best set of lashes you can get for you. Whether it is personal lash or bow, our books get filled up quickly, so you should book in advance and with the best quality you can ever be offered we guarantee you would be satisfied.

Other services that we offer

We also offer facials, massage, microblading and microshading. Call at 250-882-3557  or  250-590-5054 or simply book online.


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