Have you ever noticed when you open the oven door to check on that delicious lasagna you prepared, you receive a pretty intense hot facial. Or, perhaps you’re cooking something on the stovetop, open the lid and you almost fall over from the steam.  What about just filling the sink with hot water you get a little steamed there as well, right? Be careful of hot blow dryers, they can singe your lash extensions.

Heat is the enemy ladies when it comes to your beautiful lashes.  Avoid steam as much as possible.  Get your luscious lashes out of  the way.  Stay right out of the direct way of steam/moisture as it will break down the bonding of your extensions and you may find one or two in your lasagna.  LOL

I wanted to mention hot yoga.

We love our lashes looking their best, so this very important tip will go along way to keeping them thick and beautiful, and of course less trips to the lash salon.

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Love & Lashes Haniye