Revitalized Back Facial 

Backnes will disappear after few session of our revitalized back facial.


The treatment includes:

  • Deep cleansing using organic facial cleanser to remove all oil and dirts making the skin ready for Hydra AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) suction
  • Part 2 of cleansing uses Microderm abrasion pen accompanying the most effective exfoliant water soluble liquid that gently exfoliates your skin leaving your complexion smooth, clear and bright.
  • Our popular DMAE gel infusing to your skin using cold gun to shrink open skin horses and diminish breakouts
  • specialized back facial using scrubber and organic muscles lotions
  • Ozone steam, hot towel is our clients favourite.


You’ll notice a visible result after only few session. Quality organic customized skincare products, 2021 facial technology and skilled experienced skin specialist made us a 5 star top-rated spa in Victoria city. 

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