Ladies! Are you frustrated to see a new pimple growing on your skin every morning?

We know how to help you to be acne free. Our advanced Acne Focused Treatment has been designed and customized to treat all sort of acnes using 2020 technology as well as organic, result proved skincare products.

The goal of our Acne Focused Treatment is to eradicate acne and P-Acne bacteria at the DNA level. There are 4 levels of Acne, with Level 1 being spotty pimples or Level 4 severe inflamed cystic pustule acne. We understand your challenges and struggles to get your skin normalized and under control. By combining the right products,
effective modalities, and decades of professional skincare knowledge, each treatment will help you to manage the breakout cycles, to eliminate the acne breakouts and to attain beautiful clear skin again.

As different levels of acne challenges require different needs, we will customize treatment and products to target the undesired blemishes.  With a gentle combination of chemical exfoliation, comedone extraction and oxygenation, your winning again acne suffering is just treatments away.

Sheila Ko our skin specialist at My Beauty Secrets has put all her research, knowledge and expertise of 20 years experience in skincare industry into 1 hour treatment to accelerate your acne healing process. Book your initial for $175 instead of $250 and start your acne free journey.

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