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The goal of our Acne Focused Treatment is to eradicate acne and P-Acne bacteria at the DNA level. There are 4 levels of Acne, with Level 1 being spotty pimples or Level 4 severe inflamed cystic pustule acne. We understand your challenges and struggles to get your skin normalized and under control. By combining the right products,
effective modalities, and decades of professional skincare knowledge, each treatment will help you to manage the breakout cycles, to eliminate the acne breakouts and to attain beautiful clear skin again.


The treatment includes:

  • Deep cleansing using organic goat milk facial cleanser to remove all oil and dirts making the skin ready for Hydra AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) suction.
  • Part 2 of cleansing uses Microderm abrasion pen accompanying the most effective exfoliant water soluble liquid that gently exfoliates your skin leaving your complexion smooth, clear and bright.
  • Our popular pumpkin mask will nourish and refresh skin with nutrient-and antioxidant-rich pumpkin in this activating mask. A customer favorite.
  • Cold gun will be used to infuse our organic DMAE gel for the purpose of stimulating collagen production and shrinks inflamed skin breakouts.

  • Ozone shower to kill bacteria at the deepest layer.
  • Acne focused mask accompanying blue light therapy to maximize and accelerate the effective result
  • specialized neck, shoulder, face and scalp massage to promote blood circulation and lifting effect.
  • Ozon steam, hot towel is our clients favourite.






1 session acne facial $270 now $155

package of 3 acne facials $750 now $375

package of 6 acne facials $1320 now $810


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Happy Clients

My experience at My Beauty Secrets is top notch. Neat facility. The view is spectacle. Very relaxing environment. Highly recommend. Fianna did amazing job with my facial and laser hair removal I have. I’m so happy thank you guys I will be back.”  Atiyeh Zaer

The Hydra Facial was incredible, one of the most relaxing and unique treatments I’ve ever received. I loved all the sensations from hot to cool, mist, steam, masks, everything smelt amazing! I will absolutely be going back again and can’t recommend this space enough! Thank you ladies 🙂.”  Allie Claire

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