Hello my friends,

Thanks for reading this post. Today I want to write about 20 essential tools you must prepare before starting Microblading treatment.

Following could be a compete check list for every Microblading artist.

1. A camera( it could be your smart phone)
2. Gloves( Take more than 2 just in case)
3. Mask (because we work so close to the client’s face)
4. Hair net (to cover client’s hair properly)
5. cotton swabs (to cleanse brow area)
6. Non oily Eye makeup remover (to remove any excess makeup)
7. A disposable cub (to dispense with cold water)
8. Alcohol swabs (to eliminate any chance of infection)
9. Eyebrow pencil ( make sure it is non-oily and sharp enough)
10. A measuring tool (to create a brow shape)
11. Phibrows app (to ensure symmetrical placement)
12. Typical blade (to remove hair around approved shape)
13. Microblading pen (sterilizing is important prior to each client)
14. Disposable micro blade (to deposit pigments under the skin)
15. Proper Pigment (chosen upon the client’s hair, skin tone and eye colour)
16. Disposable pigment ring (this is a portable pallet)
17. Liquid anesthetic (to eliminate any unnecessary pain)
18. Microfibre wands (to push pigments into the skin)
19. Disposable plastic tray ( this is a sterilized space to keep all essential tools)
20. Relaxing music (to channel unwanted energy)

Next post is about the best way of preparing the brow area before starting Microblading. Please join me again soon!

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